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Hit the road in style!

Hit the road in style!

19 November

Hit the road in style!

There is something about the adventure of a road trip. Packing a bag, jumping in the car and heading off to explore the beauty of New Zealand for a day or two.


When was the last time you hit the open road?


If you can’t remember, then it is probably time you considered your next road trip.


And why not make it unforgettable by indulging in one of your bucket list items at the same time? You may not have thought it was possible to cruise the lanes, highways, and curving coastal roads of NZ in the stylish sports car of your dreams… until now.


In fact, you could live out your dreams by exploring the beautiful south island in a Porsche, Audi or Aston Martin,hired from us here at Ignition Self Drive.


But there is always the question of what you should pack on a road trip. With reasonably small boots, luxury vehicles do not allow you to bring your whole wardrobe.


Luckily, we have you covered with our best tips on how to pack for a road trip with style!


Why A Road Trip?

There is a certain allure about the road trip. It is a very “Kiwi” kind of holiday. Back in your teens a road trip used to mean piling into your mate’s less-than-ideal-with-an-odd-aroma car and heading to the beach. An Ignition road trip is a definite upgrade on that scenario!


With busy lives, it can be hard to find the time and energy to have a real break. Weekends are often spent running errands and juggling a social calendar for both yourself and the family. By the time Monday rolls around, you feel like you head back to work and school for a break!


A road trip gives you the chance to break away from the madness and take time to enjoy each other’s company. After all, there is nothing like exploring new places and hitting the open road to recharge your battery.


The beauty of living in Aotearoa is that no matter where you are, you don’t have to go far to discover something new and to find some gorgeous scenery. Even if you only have a day or two to spare, you can map out your trip and choose some of the best driving routes in the country.


Road trips are all about the journey, not the destination, so imagine the luxury of winding around ocean-side roads in an Audi R8. Or, stopping to get the ultimate photos next to your Aston Martin V8 with NZ’s iconic mountains in the background.


What To Pack...

It is no secret that there isn’t much storage space in the boot of a luxury sports car. But, if you are travelling in such style, it is only appropriate to look the part during your journey. Smart packing becomes essential!


Here are our top 5 tips for packing light and not forgetting the essentials!


1: Know Your Journey

Before you set out, know how many days you are going for and where you intend to travel to. Armed with that information, you will know how many outfits you will need and the kind of terrain to dress for. If you are going to be driving past snow crusted mountains, then you won’t have much need for sundresses. However, if you are heading to the beach then you probably won’t need your ski jacket!


Packing for the holiday you are going on and not for every eventuality will help you to keep the number of bags to a minimum.


2: Plan It Out

Spend an afternoon before your trip planning your outfits. Lay everything out on the bed, creating ensembles complete with shoes, handbags and accessories, so you don’t forget anything essential. Try and include a few neutral go-to options that can be paired with statement pieces, so you can mix and match, saving on precious packing space.


3: Pack It Well

Firstly, you want to pack in a bag that will fit within the boot of a luxury vehicle. Once you have that covered then pack the items within the bag wisely. Our favourite packing method is the roll-up routine. Not only does it save space, but it keeps your clothes crease-free.


4: Choose Your Accommodation Wisely

If you can choose accommodation that offers handy amenities, you won't have to try and squeeze extra items into your luggage. Look for in-room hair dryers and irons. A laundry service is a great bonus if you are going to be away on an extended road trip.


5: Don’t Forget Your Luxuries

Just because you are packing light does mean that you don’t have room for the luxuries you are used to! If there are certain things you simply can’t do without then make sure you leave space for them in your bag.



It is all too easy to get so busy being busy that you don’t make the time to spoil yourself and take time out to really appreciate life.

If you have always dreamed of driving an incredible luxury car for a weekend getaway, it is time to stop dreaming and make it happen. The memories (and photos!) will last forever. Check out the range of luxury vehicles we have here at Ignition Self Drive and make that dream a reality.






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