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"Aston or R8, which one should I choose?"

"Aston or R8, which one should I choose?"

9 February | Aston Martin, Audi R8

"Aston or R8, which one should I choose?"

This is a question we get asked a lot so let me start by saying that we love both of these vehicles but for very different reasons.


The Aston Martin is iconic. When you hear that name you think about prestige, style and comfort (and let's be honest .... James Bond). The engine is hand assembled and every detail has been thought through from the intricate stitching on the leather to the smoked alloy wheels. All of these things create a feeling when you look at, sit in and drive this car and that feeling is a mix of sophistication and grandeur. It's amazing!


Now let’s talk about the R8. When you see the Audi R8 on the road you cannot help but be impressed. It's low to the ground, wide and looks more like a super car than a sports car. The mid-engine orientation means the weight is evenly distributed so you are glued to the road making for a fantastic driving experience. It's all about precision, performance and handling. Inside the luxury is more understated than the Aston. The carbon fibre creates a much cooler feel.


It really comes down to the type of person you are or should I say who you would like to be on the day. Maybe you are trying to create a certain experience for a special someone that will be joining you on your adventure? These are all things to consider when making your decision.


Let us just finish by saying there is no bad choice here, you won't be disappointed either way.




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